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    Our tailored consulting and capacity building support services are designed to help nonprofits, government agencies, and organizations create inclusive, equitable, and welcoming environments.

  • What We Do

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    Dismantling Oppressive Systems

    TooREL Institute for Social Change (TISC) is a collective of subject matter

    experts, strategists, thought leaders, healers and facilitators devoted to dismantling systems and structures that deem some people deserving of a violence-free life, while others are harmed, overlooked, dismissed, and mistreated in their communities and workplaces.

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    Addressing Root Causes of Inequity

    TISC goes beyond typical Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) approaches and deepens into a Roots, Equity, and Liberation (REL™) framework. The collective utilizes the REL framework to confront and address root causes of racial inequalities and institutional racism in order to craft culture change plans, that prioritize self-actualization, accountability, healing and wellness as key aspects of achieving sustainable transformation.

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    Advancing DEI Approaches by Embedding Equity and Liberation

    Our work is focused on co-creating Black centered environments and workplaces that embed equity and liberation in all policies and practices. DEI approaches are inadequate without the infrastructure and commitment to support and sustain thriving environments for all.

  • Going Beyond Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion to Create Welcoming Environments for All People

    We offer tailored consulting and capacity building support services for nonprofits, government agencies and organizations committed to dismantling unfair practices and systems of oppression in order to create inclusive, equitable and welcoming work environments and communities. We believe that every community and organization have the capacity to create an environment and culture that values diverse backgrounds, perspectives and lived experiences; and every individual has the innate ability to be an active participant in the necessary activities to support that philosophy.


    We meet each client where they are. We listen to our clients’ desires, concerns, challenges, and strengths, and co-create a culture shift plan that reflects their commitment and meet their needs.

  • Our Primary Service Offerings

    The Roots Equity & Liberation Project

    Over a multiyear phased process, the team works with your organization to implement all aspects of the TooREL framework. Phases include: 1) Assessing Readiness, 2) Preparation,

    3) Implementation, 4) Evaluation,

    5) Reflect & Reset, and 6) Celebrate, Recharge & Rest.

    The Collaborative Leadership Program

    This is a transformational program designed for people of color. This is a sacred space that offers opportunities for growth, healing, stretching, authentic connections, strategizing and intention setting. Program activities include a 3 day retreat, group coaching, trainings, peer-to-peer learning opportunity and networking.

    Signature Trainings

    We offer training focused on common workplace challenges and issues in leadership that stem from white dominant culture and racial trauma in the workplace. The topics covered in these trainings include workplace wellness, internalized oppression, becoming and unbecoming, navigating difficult conversations, building and maintaining adaptability, gaslighting in the workplace, and personal and team/organizational accountability.

  • Past and Current Collaborative Partners