Designed to catalyze organizational transformation, the Roots, Equity, and Liberation (REL) Project utilizes a multi-phase approach to facilitate a comprehensive journey toward a more welcoming and inclusive work environment.

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  • REL Project Implementation Options



    The TISC Team works with your organization to implement all aspects of the REL framework.


    Train the Trainer

    The Roots, Equity and Liberation Project Facilitators Training. TISC offers an intensive 3-day in-person training for a team of 3-5 individuals from your organization.


    On-Site Training

    TISC offers the Roots, Equity and Liberation Project facilitators training at your organization for up to 20 staff members.

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    Roots, Equity, & Liberation Project


    This is a transformational program designed for people of color. This is a sacred space that offers opportunities for

    growth, healing, stretching, authentic connections, strategizing and intention setting.

    Program Activities

    • 6-month (24 weeks) virtual interactive learning and growing experience with a cohort of like-minded individuals
    • Three-day (In-person) Becoming and Unbecoming Retreat
    • 3 (1-hour) virtual sessions of transformational coaching
    • Ongoing peer-to-peer learning opportunities and networking via online community and membership portal

    Who Should Participate

    The program is open and beneficial to all persons of color in leadership roles. Black women in leadership are strongly encouraged to participate.

    For the purposes of this program, leadership is not defined by a title, but by the desire or responsibility to influence, coach, motivate and/or supervise others.

    Why Collaborative Leadership

    Leadership cannot be achieved and sustained alone. We need our tribe! Confidants that will guide and support us with agape love, truth-telling and grace.

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    Collaborative Leadership Program


    Trainings are modified to meet the needs of the intended audiences. They can be conducted virtually or in person.

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    The Workplace Wellness Series

    How does your organization currently promote and advance individual and collective wellness in the workplace?


    During this three-part series, facilitator(s) and participants will explore holistic wellness practices through the lens and experiences of people of color. Facilitators will offer concrete tips, steps, tools, and resources to develop and implement an equity-centered workplace wellness program that prioritizes Black people and their experiences, fosters meaningful connections, and supports personal and communal safety and health.

    As a result of this training, participants will have:

    • A richer understanding of strategies needed to create a culture of wellness that centers people of color.
    • Practical tools to advance individual and collective wellness in the workplace.
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    Why not me? Dismantling Internalized Oppression

    Let’s Talk About It. Respectability politics. Your fears. Your doubts. Your insecurities. Your mindset. The things that are causing you to shut down- undermine your value- silence your voice - and dim your light.


    “the enemy within must be transformed before we can confront the enemy outside…” – bell hooks


    This two-part conversation is intended to remind participants about the dire need to unapologetically reclaim their identity, and prioritize their emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. Audre Lorde’s words, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation…” is a call to action for all of us navigating daily spirit and soul attacks and racial trauma, while advocating for equity and justice.


    How can we navigate hurtful situations and environments [the never-ending madness] and remain centered on who we are and our value? Simple answer: our history, roots and cultural identity, resilience, and perseverance.


    Join this conversation prepared to share, and learn practical “by and for us” approaches that will allow you to face each day with radical joy, intention, confidence, and self-love.

    Self-perception is key; you [and only you] hold the “secret sauce” to unlock your reality.

    As a result of this conversation, participants will have:

    • A better understanding of ways internalized oppression shows up in the workplace.
    • A deeper understanding of how internalized oppression shows up among members of the same cultural group.
    • Ample tools and resources to radically accept and prioritize their emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness.
    • Access to a supportive community of wellness revolutionists.
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    Difficult Conversations: Confidently Speaking Your Truth without Fear & Doubt

    Why are difficult conversations so terrifying and nerve-wracking? And they are necessary to convey not-so-good news, differing point of views, experiences of harm and inequalities, etc.


    During this two-part series, facilitator(s) and participants will explore what causes some conversations to be intimidating, while others are stress-free. The facilitator will provide tips and tools to help participants develop the skills needed to turn a difficult dialogue into a productive and courageous conversation.


    As a result of this training, participants will have:

    • A better understanding about what makes some conversations difficult and nerve-wracking.
    • Practical tips, tools and strategies to engage in productive and courageous conversations.
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    Becoming & Unbecoming for the Journey Ahead

    Who do you need to be inorder to show up as your authentic self in the ongoing fight for social justice?


    What limiting beliefs, thoughts patterns and behaviors do you need to release in order to become the best version of you.


    Who do you need to be in order to become an effective and influential social change agent?


    During this interactive session, facilitator(s) will guide participants through reflective exercises and activities intended to jump start their self-discovery journey of becoming.

    “Becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. It’s forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self.” – Former First Lady Michelle Obama


    As a result of this training, participants will:

    • Be empowered to create a viable pathway to becoming a better version of self.
    • Be equipped with relevant tools and resources to assist with identifying and defining their purpose and core values.
    • Be prepared to create realistic personal, professional and spiritual growth goals.
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    Leadership: Beyond Titles & Gaslighting

    Real leaders cultivate and empower leaders. Real leaders lead with values, not titles. Do you agree?


    Unfortunately, many individuals in leadership roles fail to walk their talk. They use their privilege to undermine, tone police and make false promises in order to accomplish their goals.


    Are you a toxic boss relying on manipulative behaviors to get the job done? Are you a leader struggling to motivate and inspire your supervisees? Are you someone responsible for managing people, but struggle with transparency and truth telling? As a leader, is white
    supremacy culture causing you to leave people of color behind?


    If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this conversation is for you.


    If you would like to enhance your ability to coach, mentor, motivate, influence, and inspire others, join us for this courageous and enlightening conversation.

    And, if you are being gaslighted or harmed by someone in a leadership role and you don’t know what to do, you can also join the conversation. Facilitators will share tips and tools that will help you to boldly and confidently respond to gaslighting and other forms of “masked” abuse in the workplace.



    As a result of this training, participants will:

    • Be better informed about gaslighting and how it shows up in a supervisor and supervisee relationship.
    • Be empowered to lead with their core values vs. manipulation and gaslighting.
    • Be better prepared to respond to gaslighting by a peer or someone in a leadership role.
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    The Keys & Benefits of Accountability

    Accountability. What is it? What does it mean? We have been talking about accountability in the workplace for decades. Unfortunately, we often only talk about it when something goes wrong. And, at that point, it’s generally too difficult and awkward to talk about it while putting out the fire.


    “Accountability is like a muscle – you have to work it every day to make it stronger.” -Unknown

    How does accountability look and feel in your workplace?
    How do leaders hold employees accountable in your organization?

    How do employees hold leaders accountable?

    How do team members hold each other accountable?


    Lastly, do you believe that accountability begins and ends with you? Let’s talk about it!


    During this session, facilitators and participants will explore and discuss key elements of accountability, what accountability is not, and the challenges many encounter with personal, team and organizational accountability.

    Facilitators will also offer tangible tools and practices for creating and fostering a culture of accountability that centers the voices, leadership, and experiences of people of color.


    As a result of this workshop, participants will:

    • Be more knowledgeable about what is accountability and what it is not.
    • Be better equipped to hold themselves and their teammates accountable.
    • Be empowered to regularly practice accountability with teammates and leadership.
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    Signature Training